Case Studies

Telling your doctor early could save your life

Graham Thomas

"So here I was, seven years down the line, after stopping smoking following 50 years of the habit. I was bullet proof, feeling good and looking forward to the rest of my life following retirement. In February 2014, with no warning, I suffered a bout of pneumonia and following treatment to clear that I was diagnosed with lung cancer. Two years after treatment I now feel good, and so people tell me, look well. Never think 'it won't happen to me', never think 'I am afraid to seek help'. There are wonderful people who give amazing treatments and care out there. You won't be alone, you go through it together."

"I was diagnosed with lung cancer in June 2014. I was living a healthy lifestyle, running regularly, eating well and didn't smoke. As you can imagine, the diagnosis and prognosis came as a shock.

I have since had chemotherapy, radiotherapy and then became eligible for surgery. I had surgery in June 2015 and four months later completed the Snowdonia marathon! I have had clear scans since surgery and have been on several lovely holidays and have entered for the marathon again this year!

I am being monitored regularly but am delighted to be doing so well."

Jane Holmes

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