Jane Holmes - An inspiration to us all

Jane Holmes (45) from Lampeter in Carmarthenshire is an amazing woman and inspiration for many. Despite having part of her lung removed due to lung cancer in 2015, she has run a marathon and collected thousands of pounds for charity, proving you can live a full life whilst living with lung cancer.

"I was diagnosed with lung cancer in June 2014. I was living a healthy lifestyle, running regularly, eating well and didn't smoke. The first symptom I developed was a sharp pain in my nose - a bit like breathing in cold air. I decided to go to my local GP and he referred me to the hospital for a chest x-ray. As you can imagine, the last thing on my mind was lung cancer and the diagnosis and prognosis came as a complete shock to me as well as my friends and family.

"I went on to have surgery, it was quite a scary process but I am very grateful I had it done as I've had clear scans ever since!

"As it was, three weeks after surgery I was back running. I completed the Lampeter Tenovus Cancer Charity 5km five weeks after surgery and then completed the Snowdonia marathon with my husband just four months after surgery. I am still running and have entered the Snowdonia marathon again this year! I have raised nearly £17,000 for charity (the Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation). This was achievable with the tremendous support of family, friends, local businesses and the local community.

"With constant advances in treatment and care, a diagnosis of lung cancer does not have to be the end of the story. Finding lung cancer early can greatly improve your chances of successful treatment, so if you have been coughing for three weeks or more, make sure you get checked out by your GP."

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