Jean Scull

One woman who knows better than most how important early diagnosis and treatment can be is 65 year old lung cancer patient, Jean Scull, from Abergavenny in Monmouthshire:

"I know first-hand the effects that lung cancer can have. I was first diagnosed with lung cancer in late 2013 and my advice hasn't changed - if you've had a cough or felt breathless for more than three weeks get yourself checked out by your GP as soon as you can. The chances are that it's nothing serious. But it might still be something that needs attention and if diagnosed early, treatment can be a lot more successful.

"I was feeling out of breath and suffering from fatigue when I decided to see my GP. I was sent for an X-ray where it was discovered I had a partly collapsed left lung, my GP advised that in most cases the lung re-inflates itself but to be sure he arranged another X-ray for four weeks' time.

"On the second X-ray my GP told me my left lung was now normal but they had found a small nodule on my right lung. Further tests confirmed that the nodule was most likely cancerous and needed treatment. I was referred to a specialist surgeon and once the cancer was confirmed I had an operation to remove the nodule and two thirds of my right lung in July 2013. Within eight days I was out of hospital, and after some final chemotherapy, I was on the road to recovery.

I'm extremely relieved that my GP picked up the signs of cancer and started the tests very early. Catching it early made a big difference and I am sure it saved my life. I advise anyone suffering from similar symptoms to visit their GP as soon as possible."

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