Kathryn Davies - Up and running

Lung cancer can affect everyone, even the healthiest and fittest of people like Professor Kathryn Davies (48), a physiotherapist and marathon runner.

"I know first-hand the effects that lung cancer can have. I was first diagnosed with lung cancer in January last year and my advice hasn't changed - if you've had a cough for more than three weeks, get yourself checked out by your GP as soon as you can. The chances are that it's nothing serious. But it might still be something that needs attention and if diagnosed early, treatment can be a lot more successful.

"I have always led a very healthy lifestyle. I have never smoked, I have eaten a very healthy diet and I have been a keen runner for many years. It was during a run along the Gower that I first felt symptoms which was a very slight cough and tingling in my hand and face which was unusual. I decided to take action immediately and have the symptoms investigated and I was diagnosed with lung cancer. This was a big shock, but it does not discriminate and can affect anyone, in particular people over the age of 50. I would urge anybody with symptoms, like a persistent cough, to go and see their doctor straight away.

"I have been undergoing therapy for the last 16 months and also have regular blood tests and scans, but it has not stopped me from doing what I love and living my life as I did before. I feel fit and well, I am still running every day and last month completed the Edinburgh marathon. I intend to continue to run on the Gower beaches and maybe complete more marathons, and will continue enjoying life with my husband, Richard."

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