Nick Musselle - Back on Track

Ex-forces man, Nick Musselle (53) from Ruthin, had always worked in physically demanding jobs. Along with his passion for hill walking, his jobs have always helped in keeping him fit and healthy. It therefore came as a complete shock when, what seemed to be an innocent wheeze, turned out to be something much more serious.

"I was diagnosed with lung cancer last year. I'd been suffering from a wheeze but ignored it as it didn't think it seemed very serious and at the time I thought it not worth going to the doctor over. I had no other symptoms.

"It wasn't until later in the year, when I developed pneumonia, that I went to the doctor and was referred to the hospital. I was sent for an x-ray and a series of tests where it was discovered that I had developed lung cancer. Obviously it was very difficult for me and my family to take this in as it came as a complete shock. I am a non-smoker and had very physical jobs which kept me fit and healthy, so it seemed... a bit unfair really.

"The treatment I received was superb. I had weekly tests for diagnosis of the tumour and within five weeks of my first test I underwent an operation to remove the bottom part of my left lung. I've since had the all clear and go in for regular checks every three months to make sure the cancer hasn't come back.

"Looking back there are things I would have done differently. By ignoring my symptom I put myself at risk and my doctor said that I was lucky to develop pneumonia when I did otherwise the lung cancer would have been caught much later and treatment options reduced.

"Finding lung cancer early improves the chances of successful treatment, so if you have been coughing for more than three weeks, or feel breathless, tell your local GP and get checked out. The chances are it's nothing serious. But it might still be something that needs attention."

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