Improving our Services

In Wales, 7 local Health Boards are responsible for health services in their geographical areas while three national NHS Trusts are responsible for special services: Velindre for cancer, Public Health Wales and Welsh Ambulance Service.

Contacts and giving feedback

Dedicated teams from each organisation can support you in receiving compliments, feedback or helping you to raise your issue with the service responsible for your treatment. You can find contact details for the team in your area on the following websites:

Health Technology Challenge Wales

Do you have an idea or a challenge for the NHS in Wales? Your Idea or Challenge does not have to be ground breaking, it could just be different from what is currently happening or being used in your local health board. We would like the best ideas of how to improve services or innovative solutions to a problem. We can then support the development of these ideas with technology providers, frontline staff and patients.

If you would like any more information, you can contact us: (029 20744190) (029 20743146)

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